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Amazing IoT#7: Sound Reactive Masks

Amazing IoT

Sound reactive masks are bringing masquerades into the 21st century. For those that believe electronic dance music (EDM) is just not exciting or lively enough, fear no more: sound reactive masks are here to give an illuminating experience (pun intended)….

hidntempo correct

hidn Tempo: Third Place Winner!


Oslo, Norway was home to the Digital Winners conference, a yearly symposium held by Telenor.  At it, the three finalists of the Nordic IoT Challenge had the opportunity to present their concepts for a transformative IoT device to the entire…

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Amazing IoT #4: The Re-Designable Shirt

Amazing IoT

There are shirts with LED lights and shirts that change colour.  But now there’s one that pairs with your smart phone so you can design your own tshirt – and redesign it as often as you’d like!  Ballantine’s has created…

The Wonderful World of Wingsuit Wildness!

Extreme Sports & IoT

Rundown, Video

A couple weeks ago I compared the different ‘Smart Balls’ found in sports these days.  But then I thought, “What about the people who love to rock out on surfboards, snowboards, and mountain bikes?”  So I went around and looked…


Ballin’ Connected


I remember being really excited when frisbees where equipped with a light powered by centrifugal force.  Night was no longer the end of my daytime fun.  Yes, I was in my early 20s, but heck, what else was I going…

Swedish International, Kosovare Asllani.

A Sporting Connection


Charles Reep was an Englishman who started recording what we know as sports ‘stats’ during a 1950 football game. He did it with pencil and paper, but it was the basis for current digital stats collection around the world. And…


Love and IoT in Swedish Midsummer

Light Reading

In Sweden we have a Midsummer tradition that says you should pick seven different kinds of flowers and put them under your pillow to dream about the person you will live the rest of your life with. If you already…


Fall Fashion: What Are You Going to Wear?


Fall Fashion is on the way and your calendar is full of events like weddings, autumn cocktails and birthday parties to look forward to. Only one minor problem left – what are you going to wear? Shopping new outfits for each season and…

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Cool Person: Elin Frendberg on the Future of Swedish Fashion

Audio, Interview

“Sweden makes a very good base for the digitalization of fashion” – Elin Frendberg ‘Connected’ clothing and wearable technology may seem very futuristic to most people. But some people are already primed to see them enter the mainstream. Elin Frendberg,…

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Cool Person: Mikko Malmivaara, Founder of Clothing+


Wearable technology (or fitted technology) is computer-based technology built into portable products such as clothes and accessories which are worn on the body and the aim is to obtain information directly through scanning and sensors. We felt curios about this…