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COP21: The (IoT) Transporter

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After Energy, the Transportation sector is the second largest contributor of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in both the US and EU (27% and 24% respectively).  That doesn’t include international travel and shipping.  And, in absolute terms, emissions due to transportation…

Streets emptying of cars in South Korea.

A City without Cars

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The city of Suwon in South Korea threw a month-long ‘Ecomobility Festival’ where cars were banned from one of the city’s neighborhoods.  The idea was to give residents an idea of what a city would look and feel like without…

BMW Electric bike

Connectivity Essential when Car Brands go E-bike


As traffic jams, pollutions and record high gas costs have made it clear that freedom does no longer come with a car, car companies have started to turn their interest from four wheels to two. By now most car brands have…