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IoT 2016: The Smart City

#IoT for Good, Guest Contributor, Rundown, Thought Leaders

Two things are not going away in the foreseeable future: people and technology. By 2050 nearly 70% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas, making smart city planning a primary concern. Incorporating technologies such as Internet of…


Internet of No-Things?

Light Reading

Everyone talks about IoT, but what if we go one step further and imagine IoT without the things, in other words Internet of NO Things?  I was introduced to this intriguing concept by the Finnish think tank Demos Helsinki who seem…


Thought Leaders: The Future of Consumer IoT

Guest Contributor, Thought Leaders

Presenting the first article in our Thought Leadership series.  For each article, we ask an expert or thinker to share his or her thoughts on a specific aspect of the Internet of Things.  Thus, we’re overjoyed to kick off the whole series with a…


Viewpoints: Security, Privacy, & IoT

Guest Contributor, Viewpoints

Viewpoints is a new series we’ve started to highlight the complexities involved in the Internet of Things.  Instead of one take on an issue, we invite two to three experts from different IoT-related backgrounds to give their own views on…


A Sustainable EU: 5 Years into Europe 2020

#IoT for Good

Europe 2020 is a ten-year plan proposed by the European Commission (EC) to achieve a cornucopia of improvements in the everyday life of European Union (EU) citizens.  As the EC says, it’s aim is for “the EU to become a smart,…

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Everyday IoT


IoT you don’t realise you already use! As a new transplant to Sweden I decided to rent a car and take a short road trip through Västergötland and Bohuslan.  While I was driving, my car started beeping at random times. …


Connecting to Disconnect


The irony is thick when writing an online article aimed at techies about how to disconnect from their techie-lifestyle.  In my past job I would lead courses on how to de-stress in the workplace.  But with the proliferation of remote…

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Quality of Life and IoT for People with Disabilities

#IoT for Good, Video

So much of the Internet of Things is geared toward being cool.  Some of it can be useful and some of it can just be interesting.  But there are some devices out there that aim to improve people’s quality of…


IoT – Is Your Company Prepared? (Part 4)

Thought Leaders

In 2014, the Internet of Things (IoT) made the transition from nerdy esotericism to global phenomenon. It is especially desirable to manufacturing companies that want to connect their products and add new services. With the technology, companies can streamline internal processes, differentiate…