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IoT 2016: The Smart City

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Two things are not going away in the foreseeable future: people and technology. By 2050 nearly 70% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas, making smart city planning a primary concern. Incorporating technologies such as Internet of…

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Amazing IoT #8: Solar Windows (not Panels!)

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Photo Credit: Yimu Zhao / MSU A handful of startups are heading toward a new window of opportunity: solar powered windows. If you think about all of the windows in the world – Manhattan alone has 10.7 million windows –…


COP21: The (IoT) Transporter

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After Energy, the Transportation sector is the second largest contributor of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in both the US and EU (27% and 24% respectively).  That doesn’t include international travel and shipping.  And, in absolute terms, emissions due to transportation…


COP21: Traveling at the Speed of Pollution

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Part Two of our COP21 Series.  Read Part One here. Carbon Dioxide On December 7th, the Global Carbon Project released its yearly Global Carbon Budget report.  In 2014, we (the world) set a record: we emitted 35.9 billion tonnes of…


COP21: Sustainable Agriculture & IoT

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Part One of the COP21 Series.  Read Part Two here. The 2010 BP Oil Disaster was the worst in human history, dumping 210 million gallons of petroleum into the ocean.  Every year, 70 times that amount of petroleum is used…

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Save the Climate – One App at a Time

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I came across Klimaträtt, a smart phone app for reducing carbon footprints.  And I was lucky enough to chat with Anna Rehnberg, the project manager for Klimaträtt at Uppsalahem, a public housing company in the city of Uppsala.  These are Anna’s…


A Sustainable EU: 5 Years into Europe 2020

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Europe 2020 is a ten-year plan proposed by the European Commission (EC) to achieve a cornucopia of improvements in the everyday life of European Union (EU) citizens.  As the EC says, it’s aim is for “the EU to become a smart,…

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Are Jobs Coming or Going in the Digital Age?

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The digital revolution is and will be changing the job market as well as how we look at wage labor. As more and more routine tasks become automatized, half of all jobs will be gone in 20 years., according to the Swedish…

Everyone's happy in a beer garden!  (Especially if the garden's smart.)  Photo: Dylan Mills

A Swede and a Californian Walk into a Beer Garden

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I like to drink beer.  And I especially like to drink beer after gardening all day.  There aren’t many better feelings than planting things in dirt and then having a beer.  I’ll assume you agree.  So, please get ready as I…


IoT: Defining Circular Economies

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As global resources lessen and waste products multiply, humanity must find a way to curtail both trends. If you haven’t heard of the term ’Circular Economy,’ you almost certainly will soon – but chances are you already have some idea of…