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Amazing IoT #8: Solar Windows (not Panels!)

#IoT for Good, Amazing IoT

Photo Credit: Yimu Zhao / MSU A handful of startups are heading toward a new window of opportunity: solar powered windows. If you think about all of the windows in the world – Manhattan alone has 10.7 million windows –…


Anything with ManyThing!

Amazing IoT, Interview

I was lucky enough to meet with Joanna Santander, the Head of Business Development at ManyThing.  She took some time out of her innovation-fueled day to tell me a little bit more about their product.   Björn Svensson: What exactly…


Smart Homes vs. Smart Vacation Rentals


When encountering new technology, you should ask yourself, “What problem does this fix?”  Progress for the sake of progress doesn’t provide benefits.  This is one of the reasons I, myself, have never jumped headfirst into the pool of SmartHome Love. …

Victor Jablokov (L), CEO and Founder of Wallflower standing aside Iain McDonald, VP of Hardware Engineering

The Significance of Simplicity


On the last day and in the last hour of the IoTWorld 2015 Conference, I met Victor Jablokov and Iain McDonald. They were the CEO / Founder and the VP of Hardware Engineering of Wallflower, respectively. With all the amazing…

Lucas Funes, the mind behind Webee.

Simplifying Life with Lucas Funes & Webee


It’s not always that I believe the hype people spout about smart technology being easily and readily available.  And it’s definitely not often that I believe hype relating to connecting everything in your house in a realistic and cost-effective way.  But…

Photo by Nils Vik via Flickr CC BY 2.0

Gaming to Conserve Energy

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Smart meters have been around for a bit. If you don’t know how they work, you put one on your electricity box and then get info about your energy consumption through a smart phone app. They’re pretty amazing, especially in…