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Seven IoT Wonders of the World

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Fifty percent of the world’s population currently live in cities and this percentage will continue to grow, increasing demand for urban life to be a liveable one. Urban growth is a large contributing factor to climate change. The building sector alone…

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Digital Winners 2015 Highlights


The Digital Winners Conference was held in Oslo, Norway last week. It is Telenor’s flagship event for innovation and digital transformation. Speakers included thinkers from within the Telenor Group as well as industry leaders from SAS, Schibsted, intel, Samsung, Microsoft,…


IoT in Lund – Security & Standardisation


The Internet of Things Conference in Lund occurred this week with over 25 speakers with expertise from throughout the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape.  There were talks about IoT’s infrastructure, it’s business opportunities, and it’s transformation of the healthcare industry. …

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Syrian Refugees and Internet of Things

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Technology provides refugees the ability to stay in contact with family members, to make choices and avoid danger based on crowdsourced feedback, and to find food and shelter.  However, it seems as though the only conversation about the Syrian refugee…

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Everyday IoT


IoT you don’t realise you already use! As a new transplant to Sweden I decided to rent a car and take a short road trip through Västergötland and Bohuslan.  While I was driving, my car started beeping at random times. …


Smart Homes vs. Smart Vacation Rentals


When encountering new technology, you should ask yourself, “What problem does this fix?”  Progress for the sake of progress doesn’t provide benefits.  This is one of the reasons I, myself, have never jumped headfirst into the pool of SmartHome Love. …


Ballin’ Connected


I remember being really excited when frisbees where equipped with a light powered by centrifugal force.  Night was no longer the end of my daytime fun.  Yes, I was in my early 20s, but heck, what else was I going…

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A Sporting Connection


Charles Reep was an Englishman who started recording what we know as sports ‘stats’ during a 1950 football game. He did it with pencil and paper, but it was the basis for current digital stats collection around the world. And…

A Connected Travel Experience

Intelligent Travel Assistant: Future of Travel Tech


There are hundreds of travel-related apps on the marketplace. Some can organize your plane tickets, some can give you traffic updates, and one can even tell you what outbreaks of sickness are in your immediate geographical area. But with so…

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5 Steps to Making Your Ideas Happen

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Smart and people-centered innovations are essential for creating sustainable societies. Sweden is a major incubator for startups that in many cases have become billion dollar companies. You know about Spotify and Skype, but many others Swedish startups are on a…