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IoT 2016: The Smart City

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Two things are not going away in the foreseeable future: people and technology. By 2050 nearly 70% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas, making smart city planning a primary concern. Incorporating technologies such as Internet of…

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Seven IoT Wonders of the World

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Fifty percent of the world’s population currently live in cities and this percentage will continue to grow, increasing demand for urban life to be a liveable one. Urban growth is a large contributing factor to climate change. The building sector alone…

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Digital Winners 2015 Highlights


The Digital Winners Conference was held in Oslo, Norway last week. It is Telenor’s flagship event for innovation and digital transformation. Speakers included thinkers from within the Telenor Group as well as industry leaders from SAS, Schibsted, intel, Samsung, Microsoft,…

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Refugees and IoT’s Education

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Two weeks ago, I wrote about how the Internet of Things is helping the Syrian Refugee Crisis at the moment.  Now, I’m going to take a look at how IoT could help going forward – in a way that it hasn’t…

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Syrian Refugees and Internet of Things

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Technology provides refugees the ability to stay in contact with family members, to make choices and avoid danger based on crowdsourced feedback, and to find food and shelter.  However, it seems as though the only conversation about the Syrian refugee…

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Quality of Life and IoT for People with Disabilities

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So much of the Internet of Things is geared toward being cool.  Some of it can be useful and some of it can just be interesting.  But there are some devices out there that aim to improve people’s quality of…


Neurosensors and the Classroom

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In the movie Gattaca, each person’s historical data is matched with his or her drop of blood.  In the morning, Ethan Hawk’s character signs into work by placing his finger on a pin-pricking pad.  His identity, medical history, and educational…


Improving People’s Lives through IoT

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Sustainability is not only the most important question of our time, but also the largest business opportunity today. And smart technology is finally here to help. By adding connectivity and intelligence to our everyday objects we can vastly increase resource…