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Pane of Glass

Amazing IoT #8: Solar Windows (not Panels!)

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Photo Credit: Yimu Zhao / MSU A handful of startups are heading toward a new window of opportunity: solar powered windows. If you think about all of the windows in the world – Manhattan alone has 10.7 million windows –…

Photo: Huboptic

Amazing IoT#7: Sound Reactive Masks

Amazing IoT

Sound reactive masks are bringing masquerades into the 21st century. For those that believe electronic dance music (EDM) is just not exciting or lively enough, fear no more: sound reactive masks are here to give an illuminating experience (pun intended)….

frebble master

Amazing IoT #6: The Electronic Handshake

Ever wanted to hold someone’s hand through the computer screen? Well, turns out you can! Meet Frebble. It’s a hand-holding device that people can use to squeeze each other’s hands in a video chat. Frebble especially highlights its use as…


Internet of No-Things?

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Everyone talks about IoT, but what if we go one step further and imagine IoT without the things, in other words Internet of NO Things?  I was introduced to this intriguing concept by the Finnish think tank Demos Helsinki who seem…

Photo: Ballentine's (c)

Amazing IoT #4: The Re-Designable Shirt

Amazing IoT

There are shirts with LED lights and shirts that change colour.  But now there’s one that pairs with your smart phone so you can design your own tshirt – and redesign it as often as you’d like!  Ballantine’s has created…

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The Anternet: A History

Humorously, the ‘anternet’ is not that new of a concept.  Compared to humanity’s history it is, but in the range of IoT, it’s about as old as the printing press.  The concept of biomimicry is extremely interesting to me and when…

A Connected Travel Experience

Intelligent Travel Assistant: Future of Travel Tech


There are hundreds of travel-related apps on the marketplace. Some can organize your plane tickets, some can give you traffic updates, and one can even tell you what outbreaks of sickness are in your immediate geographical area. But with so…

Everyone's happy in a beer garden!  (Especially if the garden's smart.)  Photo: Dylan Mills

A Swede and a Californian Walk into a Beer Garden

#IoT for Good, Thought Leaders

I like to drink beer.  And I especially like to drink beer after gardening all day.  There aren’t many better feelings than planting things in dirt and then having a beer.  I’ll assume you agree.  So, please get ready as I…


Love and IoT in Swedish Midsummer

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In Sweden we have a Midsummer tradition that says you should pick seven different kinds of flowers and put them under your pillow to dream about the person you will live the rest of your life with. If you already…


Fall Fashion: What Are You Going to Wear?


Fall Fashion is on the way and your calendar is full of events like weddings, autumn cocktails and birthday parties to look forward to. Only one minor problem left – what are you going to wear? Shopping new outfits for each season and…