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COP21: The (IoT) Transporter

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After Energy, the Transportation sector is the second largest contributor of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in both the US and EU (27% and 24% respectively).  That doesn’t include international travel and shipping.  And, in absolute terms, emissions due to transportation…


COP21: Traveling at the Speed of Pollution

#IoT for Good, Thought Leaders

Part Two of our COP21 Series.  Read Part One here. Carbon Dioxide On December 7th, the Global Carbon Project released its yearly Global Carbon Budget report.  In 2014, we (the world) set a record: we emitted 35.9 billion tonnes of…


COP21: Sustainable Agriculture & IoT

#IoT for Good, Thought Leaders

Part One of the COP21 Series.  Read Part Two here. The 2010 BP Oil Disaster was the worst in human history, dumping 210 million gallons of petroleum into the ocean.  Every year, 70 times that amount of petroleum is used…