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Pane of Glass

Amazing IoT #8: Solar Windows (not Panels!)

#IoT for Good, Amazing IoT

Photo Credit: Yimu Zhao / MSU A handful of startups are heading toward a new window of opportunity: solar powered windows. If you think about all of the windows in the world – Manhattan alone has 10.7 million windows –…

Photo: Huboptic

Amazing IoT#7: Sound Reactive Masks

Amazing IoT

Sound reactive masks are bringing masquerades into the 21st century. For those that believe electronic dance music (EDM) is just not exciting or lively enough, fear no more: sound reactive masks are here to give an illuminating experience (pun intended)….

frebble master

Amazing IoT #6: The Electronic Handshake

Ever wanted to hold someone’s hand through the computer screen? Well, turns out you can! Meet Frebble. It’s a hand-holding device that people can use to squeeze each other’s hands in a video chat. Frebble especially highlights its use as…


Amazing IoT #5: The Doggy Exerciser

Amazing IoT

“Does Fitbit exist for dogs?” you ask.  “Yes,” the internet replies.  And it’s called Whistle. It is a dog-collar that is equipped with an accelerometer that works with 3-axes.  After the company acquired Tagg, it also comes with a GPS…

Photo: Ballentine's (c)

Amazing IoT #4: The Re-Designable Shirt

Amazing IoT

There are shirts with LED lights and shirts that change colour.  But now there’s one that pairs with your smart phone so you can design your own tshirt – and redesign it as often as you’d like!  Ballantine’s has created…

Amazing IoT 3 - Reindeers

Amazing IoT #3: Remote Reindeer

Amazing IoT

If you’ve read the first two editions of Amazing IoT (bio-printed microfish & smart beer kegs), you’ll know that this is where we look at the coolest (or weirdest) Internet of Things devices out there.  Today I’m takin’ it back…


Amazing IoT #2 – Smart Beer Kegs & Breathalyzers

Amazing IoT

For the Amazing IoT Edition Two, we have two new smart devices: The Smart Beer Keg and the Tweeting Breathalizer! The first is called an iKeg and made by SteadyServ. What can it do, you ask?  It can measure the…

Image: W. Zhu and J. Li, UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering.

Amazing IoT #1: Bio-Printed Microfish

Amazing IoT

In the Chen Laboratory at the Jacobs School of Engineering at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), they’ve created something wildly interesting.  They have combined the concepts of 3D Printing, nanotechnology, and biomimicry to create the ‘bioprinted microfish’. The Laboratory…