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Fund Your Tech Startup!

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Fund Your Tech Startup! Recently, we’ve spent some time talking to engineering and design studies and one of the most common questions we’ve received is how to fund a startup.  Thus, we’ve put together a run down of different options…


Mobilizing the Medical Imaging Industry

Interview, Video

Smarter Together sits down with Trice CEO, Åsa Nordgren, as she tells the story of Trice Imaging. Part Two. You can see Part One Here.  


Connecting to Disconnect


The irony is thick when writing an online article aimed at techies about how to disconnect from their techie-lifestyle.  In my past job I would lead courses on how to de-stress in the workplace.  But with the proliferation of remote…

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5 Steps to Making Your Ideas Happen

Thought Leaders

Smart and people-centered innovations are essential for creating sustainable societies. Sweden is a major incubator for startups that in many cases have become billion dollar companies. You know about Spotify and Skype, but many others Swedish startups are on a…

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Cool Person: Elin Frendberg on the Future of Swedish Fashion

Audio, Interview

“Sweden makes a very good base for the digitalization of fashion” – Elin Frendberg ‘Connected’ clothing and wearable technology may seem very futuristic to most people. But some people are already primed to see them enter the mainstream. Elin Frendberg,…

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The Bright Future for IoT Startups

Thought Leaders

What would you do if you could infuse intelligence into the everyday objects around you? The day-dreams of children – not to mention science fiction movies – might now be the basis of the next multi-million-dollar business. So here’s the…