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Photo by Josefin Smeds

Save the Climate – One App at a Time

#IoT for Good, Guest Contributor

I came across Klimaträtt, a smart phone app for reducing carbon footprints.  And I was lucky enough to chat with Anna Rehnberg, the project manager for Klimaträtt at Uppsalahem, a public housing company in the city of Uppsala.  These are Anna’s…

Here comes the sun

Interview: Rajen Datta, CEO of Qulsar


The two global startup hubs of San Jose, California and Stockholm, Sweden are the homes to a very interesting and successful startup.  Qulsar is a flourishing Internet of Things company.  I had the chance to speak with the CEO and President, Rajen…

Pranav Kosuri, Co-Founder and CCO of Shortcut Labs

Cool Person: Pranav Kosuri, Co-Founder of Flic


Less than a week ago an awesomely cool smart button was released. Flic hit the streets amid great fanfare. I was lucky enough to speak with Pranav Kosuri, Co-Founder and CCO of Shortcut Labs, the minds behind Flic. BS: Before…

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5 Steps to Making Your Ideas Happen

Thought Leaders

Smart and people-centered innovations are essential for creating sustainable societies. Sweden is a major incubator for startups that in many cases have become billion dollar companies. You know about Spotify and Skype, but many others Swedish startups are on a…


Meet the Awesome Autonomous Flying Camera – Hexo+


  We got to chat with Hexo+ Product Owner, Eva Pagneux at IoT World 2015 in San Francisco to learn a little bit about the event’s most popular startup.  Check out the interview and Hexo+’s footage below!  

Victor Jablokov (L), CEO and Founder of Wallflower standing aside Iain McDonald, VP of Hardware Engineering

The Significance of Simplicity


On the last day and in the last hour of the IoTWorld 2015 Conference, I met Victor Jablokov and Iain McDonald. They were the CEO / Founder and the VP of Hardware Engineering of Wallflower, respectively. With all the amazing…

Nicola De Carne, CEO and Founder of Wi-Next

IT and OT Unite!


Wi-Next is a new company in the Industrial IoT space.  I was lucky enough to individually speak with two of its best representatives. I first met Armando Pereira, the wonderfully intelligent General Manager for the US, who walked me through Wi-Next….

Lucas Funes, the mind behind Webee.

Simplifying Life with Lucas Funes & Webee


It’s not always that I believe the hype people spout about smart technology being easily and readily available.  And it’s definitely not often that I believe hype relating to connecting everything in your house in a realistic and cost-effective way.  But…

Rikard Windh accepting the  2015's 33 Listan Award.

Combain: Translating Location across the World


‘Translating Location and the Internet of Things’ – that’s the topic that Rikard Windh has been kind enough to discuss in an interview with Smarter Together.  Rikard’s company, Combain Mobile, was officially founded by his partner Björn Lindquist and him in 2009.  In fact,…