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Seven IoT Wonders of the World

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Fifty percent of the world’s population currently live in cities and this percentage will continue to grow, increasing demand for urban life to be a liveable one. Urban growth is a large contributing factor to climate change. The building sector alone…

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Cool Person: Simone Giertz


Simone Giertz is a ‘Maker.’  A ‘Maker’ could be described as a half-techie and a half-DIY-er.  Or more simply put, in Simone’s own words, she “build[s] things to inspire people to learn about electronics.” Simone agreed to meet me at a…


Viewpoints: Security, Privacy, & IoT

Guest Contributor, Viewpoints

Viewpoints is a new series we’ve started to highlight the complexities involved in the Internet of Things.  Instead of one take on an issue, we invite two to three experts from different IoT-related backgrounds to give their own views on…

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The Anternet: A History

Humorously, the ‘anternet’ is not that new of a concept.  Compared to humanity’s history it is, but in the range of IoT, it’s about as old as the printing press.  The concept of biomimicry is extremely interesting to me and when…


Smart Homes vs. Smart Vacation Rentals


When encountering new technology, you should ask yourself, “What problem does this fix?”  Progress for the sake of progress doesn’t provide benefits.  This is one of the reasons I, myself, have never jumped headfirst into the pool of SmartHome Love. …

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Are Jobs Coming or Going in the Digital Age?

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The digital revolution is and will be changing the job market as well as how we look at wage labor. As more and more routine tasks become automatized, half of all jobs will be gone in 20 years., according to the Swedish…

Everyone's happy in a beer garden!  (Especially if the garden's smart.)  Photo: Dylan Mills

A Swede and a Californian Walk into a Beer Garden

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I like to drink beer.  And I especially like to drink beer after gardening all day.  There aren’t many better feelings than planting things in dirt and then having a beer.  I’ll assume you agree.  So, please get ready as I…


IoT – Is Your Company Prepared? (Part 1)

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In 2014, the Internet of Things (IoT) made the transition from nerdy esotericism to global phenomenon. It is especially desirable to manufacturing companies that want to connect their products and add new services. With the technology, companies can streamline internal processes,…


Improving People’s Lives through IoT

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Sustainability is not only the most important question of our time, but also the largest business opportunity today. And smart technology is finally here to help. By adding connectivity and intelligence to our everyday objects we can vastly increase resource…