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As the Internet of Things evolves, so does the public sphere, including governments, cultures, and communities.


Improving People’s Lives through IoT

#IoT for Good, Thought Leaders

Sustainability is not only the most important question of our time, but also the largest business opportunity today. And smart technology is finally here to help. By adding connectivity and intelligence to our everyday objects we can vastly increase resource…

BMW Electric bike

Connectivity Essential when Car Brands go E-bike


As traffic jams, pollutions and record high gas costs have made it clear that freedom does no longer come with a car, car companies have started to turn their interest from four wheels to two. By now most car brands have…

Photo by Colby Stopa/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Internet of Fish – April Fool’s Day Hoax or Real Deal?

Light Reading

What do you know about the fish you eat? Do you know where and how it was caught? How it was shipped and handled? Cisco made a joke about wifi-connected fish on April Fool’s Day this year, but the truth…

Olaf Diegel holds a 3D printed saxophone.

Will 3D Printing Bring Production Back To Sweden?

Audio, Interview

I know what you are thinking, how is the Internet of Things related to printing? Olaf Diegel, a Professor of Product Development at Lund University, managed to connect these two things with one statement: “Almost everything related to IoT is…

IoT Lund

Lund’s IoT Conference: The Internet of Things Has Arrived


Watches can send messages from their clockface and glasses can display information through their lenses. Ten years ago, these were fantasy products imagined for Hollywood spy movies. I was lucky enough to spend the day at Lund’s Internet of Things…