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As the Internet of Things evolves, so does the public sphere, including governments, cultures, and communities.


Back to School with the Internet of Things

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How can the Internet of Things be utilized to maximize student learning and potential? It’s a tricky question to answer because there’s a fine line between just enough technological assistance and inundation.  Internet of Things pilot programs have been tried in…

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Everyday IoT


IoT you don’t realise you already use! As a new transplant to Sweden I decided to rent a car and take a short road trip through Västergötland and Bohuslan.  While I was driving, my car started beeping at random times. …

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Quality of Life and IoT for People with Disabilities

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So much of the Internet of Things is geared toward being cool.  Some of it can be useful and some of it can just be interesting.  But there are some devices out there that aim to improve people’s quality of…


Neurosensors and the Classroom

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In the movie Gattaca, each person’s historical data is matched with his or her drop of blood.  In the morning, Ethan Hawk’s character signs into work by placing his finger on a pin-pricking pad.  His identity, medical history, and educational…

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Are Jobs Coming or Going in the Digital Age?

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The digital revolution is and will be changing the job market as well as how we look at wage labor. As more and more routine tasks become automatized, half of all jobs will be gone in 20 years., according to the Swedish…

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5 Steps to Making Your Ideas Happen

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Smart and people-centered innovations are essential for creating sustainable societies. Sweden is a major incubator for startups that in many cases have become billion dollar companies. You know about Spotify and Skype, but many others Swedish startups are on a…

June 20, 2015. Onboard Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, Simon "SiFi" Fisher and Phil Harmer prepare for a cold night.
Photo by Matt Knighton / Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing / Volvo Ocean Race

The Technology Behind Volvo Ocean Race

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Right now we’re following the last leg of the Volvo Ocean Race – from Lorient, France to the final destination Gothenburg, Sweden. We are not only excited about the extremely tough sailing – we also see the race as a…


IoT: Defining Circular Economies

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As global resources lessen and waste products multiply, humanity must find a way to curtail both trends. If you haven’t heard of the term ’Circular Economy,’ you almost certainly will soon – but chances are you already have some idea of…

Streets emptying of cars in South Korea.

A City without Cars

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The city of Suwon in South Korea threw a month-long ‘Ecomobility Festival’ where cars were banned from one of the city’s neighborhoods.  The idea was to give residents an idea of what a city would look and feel like without…