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Amazing IoT 3 - Reindeers

Amazing IoT #3: Remote Reindeer

Amazing IoT

If you’ve read the first two editions of Amazing IoT (bio-printed microfish & smart beer kegs), you’ll know that this is where we look at the coolest (or weirdest) Internet of Things devices out there.  Today I’m takin’ it back…


Amazing IoT #2 – Smart Beer Kegs & Breathalyzers

Amazing IoT

For the Amazing IoT Edition Two, we have two new smart devices: The Smart Beer Keg and the Tweeting Breathalizer! The first is called an iKeg and made by SteadyServ. What can it do, you ask?  It can measure the…

Image: W. Zhu and J. Li, UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering.

Amazing IoT #1: Bio-Printed Microfish

Amazing IoT

In the Chen Laboratory at the Jacobs School of Engineering at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), they’ve created something wildly interesting.  They have combined the concepts of 3D Printing, nanotechnology, and biomimicry to create the ‘bioprinted microfish’. The Laboratory…

everyday iot - blank

Everyday IoT


IoT you don’t realise you already use! As a new transplant to Sweden I decided to rent a car and take a short road trip through Västergötland and Bohuslan.  While I was driving, my car started beeping at random times. …


Connecting to Disconnect


The irony is thick when writing an online article aimed at techies about how to disconnect from their techie-lifestyle.  In my past job I would lead courses on how to de-stress in the workplace.  But with the proliferation of remote…

The Wonderful World of Wingsuit Wildness!

Extreme Sports & IoT

Rundown, Video

A couple weeks ago I compared the different ‘Smart Balls’ found in sports these days.  But then I thought, “What about the people who love to rock out on surfboards, snowboards, and mountain bikes?”  So I went around and looked…

Ants REAL Header

The Anternet: A History

Humorously, the ‘anternet’ is not that new of a concept.  Compared to humanity’s history it is, but in the range of IoT, it’s about as old as the printing press.  The concept of biomimicry is extremely interesting to me and when…


Smart Homes vs. Smart Vacation Rentals


When encountering new technology, you should ask yourself, “What problem does this fix?”  Progress for the sake of progress doesn’t provide benefits.  This is one of the reasons I, myself, have never jumped headfirst into the pool of SmartHome Love. …


Ballin’ Connected


I remember being really excited when frisbees where equipped with a light powered by centrifugal force.  Night was no longer the end of my daytime fun.  Yes, I was in my early 20s, but heck, what else was I going…

Swedish International, Kosovare Asllani.

A Sporting Connection


Charles Reep was an Englishman who started recording what we know as sports ‘stats’ during a 1950 football game. He did it with pencil and paper, but it was the basis for current digital stats collection around the world. And…