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How the Internet of Things is changing the ecosystem of M2M and industrial firms.

Nicola De Carne, CEO and Founder of Wi-Next

IT and OT Unite!


Wi-Next is a new company in the Industrial IoT space.  I was lucky enough to individually speak with two of its best representatives. I first met Armando Pereira, the wonderfully intelligent General Manager for the US, who walked me through Wi-Next….

Photo by Elin Andersson

Cool Person: Elin Frendberg on the Future of Swedish Fashion

Audio, Interview

“Sweden makes a very good base for the digitalization of fashion” – Elin Frendberg ‘Connected’ clothing and wearable technology may seem very futuristic to most people. But some people are already primed to see them enter the mainstream. Elin Frendberg,…

Rikard Windh accepting the  2015's 33 Listan Award.

Combain: Translating Location across the World


‘Translating Location and the Internet of Things’ – that’s the topic that Rikard Windh has been kind enough to discuss in an interview with Smarter Together.  Rikard’s company, Combain Mobile, was officially founded by his partner Björn Lindquist and him in 2009.  In fact,…

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The Bright Future for IoT Startups

Thought Leaders

What would you do if you could infuse intelligence into the everyday objects around you? The day-dreams of children – not to mention science fiction movies – might now be the basis of the next multi-million-dollar business. So here’s the…