Cool People

Meet some of the coolest people we’ve met in the world of Internet of Things.

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Cool Person: Simone Giertz


Simone Giertz is a ‘Maker.’  A ‘Maker’ could be described as a half-techie and a half-DIY-er.  Or more simply put, in Simone’s own words, she “build[s] things to inspire people to learn about electronics.” Simone agreed to meet me at a…

Pranav Kosuri, Co-Founder and CCO of Shortcut Labs

Cool Person: Pranav Kosuri, Co-Founder of Flic


Less than a week ago an awesomely cool smart button was released. Flic hit the streets amid great fanfare. I was lucky enough to speak with Pranav Kosuri, Co-Founder and CCO of Shortcut Labs, the minds behind Flic. BS: Before…

Rudi Steiness. Photo: Rick Tomlinson/Team SCA

Cool Person: Rudi Steiness, Volvo Ocean Race Technician


The teams of the Volvo Ocean Race are both tired and busy when they’ve finally reach Gothenburg after the last leg, but we’ve managed to get hold of Rudi Steiness – the man in charge of all the technology onboard…

Photo by Elin Andersson

Cool Person: Elin Frendberg on the Future of Swedish Fashion

Audio, Interview

“Sweden makes a very good base for the digitalization of fashion” – Elin Frendberg ‘Connected’ clothing and wearable technology may seem very futuristic to most people. But some people are already primed to see them enter the mainstream. Elin Frendberg,…

Lucas Funes, the mind behind Webee.

Simplifying Life with Lucas Funes & Webee


It’s not always that I believe the hype people spout about smart technology being easily and readily available.  And it’s definitely not often that I believe hype relating to connecting everything in your house in a realistic and cost-effective way.  But…

Photo by Clothing+

Cool Person: Mikko Malmivaara, Founder of Clothing+


Wearable technology (or fitted technology) is computer-based technology built into portable products such as clothes and accessories which are worn on the body and the aim is to obtain information directly through scanning and sensors. We felt curios about this…