Photo: Huboptic

Amazing IoT#7: Sound Reactive Masks

Amazing IoT

Sound reactive masks are bringing masquerades into the 21st century. For those that believe electronic dance music (EDM) is just not exciting or lively enough, fear no more: sound reactive masks are here to give an illuminating experience (pun intended). People can wear LED masks that flash light according to the sick beats being dropped. Whatever song a DJ plays, theses masks can flash lights to the song’s rhythm.

Even though sound reactive masks match the rhythm, this does not mean a friend’s mask will be identical to yours. Many sound reactive masks are designed to react to the music differently, so your mask may be flashing to the thumping bass while your friend’s mask may be flashing to the melody.

Sound reactive masks come in all styles. Some look like helmets, some look like jaguars, and some look like “bandanas” that cover the mouth and neck. Many of these masks seem rather intimidating, as if Darth Vader was trying to blend in during the Christmas season. I would be cautious about leaving the club with these faceless dancers, but while on the dance floor they will definitely be the life, and light, of the party.