FarmDrones: Winner of the 2015 Nordic IoT Challenge!


Oslo, Norway was home to the Digital Winners conference, a yearly symposium held by Telenor.  At it, the three finalists of the Nordic IoT Challenge had the opportunity to present their concepts for a transformative IoT device to the entire conference.  In the end, FarmDrones was crowned winner with their idea for a software that uses a multi-spectral camera to photograph of crops from an autonomous drone to help farmers improve their yield and profits.

They are final year students at Chalmer’s School of Entrepreneurship and conceived of the idea while at school.  As they say, they combined their backgrounds of software development, drone-building, and farming!

As Krum Valkov, co-Founder of FarmDrones explains, “One of the most interesting aspects of our time is that technology is slowly going everywhere… [but farming] is one of the oldest professions on the planet and it is falling behind with all those new technologies having a hard time penetrating the farming industry.”

Here is our full interview with FarmDrones from their booth at the symposium: