Amazing IoT #5: The Doggy Exerciser

Amazing IoT

“Does Fitbit exist for dogs?” you ask.  “Yes,” the internet replies.  And it’s called Whistle.

It is a dog-collar that is equipped with an accelerometer that works with 3-axes.  After the company acquired Tagg, it also comes with a GPS tracker in case Fido runs off.

Primarily, Whistle tracks the fitness levels of your dog and can offer comparisons over time.

Like that isn’t enough to be awesome, the device has continued to solve so that it will soon include a temperature sensor that makes sure that Fido is overheating or freezing.

And finally, if one were concerned that this is just a silly device for pets, the American Pet Products Association released the money that Americans alone spend on their pets.  In 2014, can you guess how much it was?  Over 58.5 billion dollars.  So I’d say Whistle – or Fitbit for Dogs, as everyone refers to it as – has quite the potential to become integral for pet ownership.