Photo: Ballentine's (c)

Amazing IoT #4: The Re-Designable Shirt

Amazing IoT

There are shirts with LED lights and shirts that change colour.  But now there’s one that pairs with your smart phone so you can design your own tshirt – and redesign it as often as you’d like!  Ballantine’s has created the tshirtOS.

People love having personalized shirts (just look at Zazzle, CustomInk, SpreadShirt and the hundreds of other online companies out there that allow someone to design and print his or her own shirt).  If there is now the possibility to change your shirt any time you want without the need to purchase a new shirt, then, basically, I want one.

Prototypes have been made and 25 were sent out to lucky test-subjects in Poland, Romania, Spain, and Portugal.  So far, the online response has been quite enthusiastic.

I’m just waiting until it comes on the market and then I’ll be the first in line.  Now I just have to think of all the different things I want on my shirt.