Amazing IoT 3 - Reindeers

Amazing IoT #3: Remote Reindeer

Amazing IoT

If you’ve read the first two editions of Amazing IoT (bio-printed microfish & smart beer kegs), you’ll know that this is where we look at the coolest (or weirdest) Internet of Things devices out there.  Today I’m takin’ it back to the first IoT device that I was told about, what I call the Remote Reindeer.  The product is technically called Radio Bells and is created by Telespor (in Norwegian, it is Radio Bjella).

The Radio Bells track free-roaming livestock across the countryside (primarily in Norway).  Alerts can be set up to let the shepherd know if the animal hasn’t moved in 1-12 hours or if it hasn’t moved at least 10 meters from the last check-in.  If the radio bell doesn’t check in within 48 hours, it also sends out an alert.  All of the time periods are adjustable as well.

There are already 30,000 Radio Bells in usage, primarily in Norway and Sweden.  And, admittedly, they’re used more with sheep than with reindeer.  Still, isn’t it amazing that you can find your little Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer whenever you miss him?