Photo by Colby Stopa/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Internet of Fish – April Fool’s Day Hoax or Real Deal?

Light Reading

What do you know about the fish you eat? Do you know where and how it was caught? How it was shipped and handled? Cisco made a joke about wifi-connected fish on April Fool’s Day this year, but the truth is that you’ve actually been able to ‘connect’ to your fish and trace its origin and travels since 2010!

If you’re wondering why it’s important to connect to your fish, listen to this: According to Oceana, one third of the fish we eat is mislabeled; the snapper you think you’re putting in your mouth might in fact be a perch, and vice versa. Meaning that you might be eating a fish containing more contaminants than expected, a fish that is red listed and on the verge of extinction, or a fish that has travelled much further than you thought.


Thisfish has developed a tracking system that enables you to follow the journey of the fish you eat– from ocean to plate. When the fish is caught, it is tagged and assigned a unique code. The fishermen and merchants handling the fish along its trip to from the net to your plate update information about the fish online. And through Thisfish, you can access that information through a smart phone.

This access to information empowers us to make higher demands about the quality of the food we eat and how it is being produced, handled, labled, and shipped. A great detail of the service is that you actually get a face on the person catching your fish. (And through the website you can even send a thank-you message!) In this way, the fish supply chain becomes more transparent, personal, and veritable. So what do you want to know about your next dinner?