Digitizing fashion

Cool Person: Professor Oskar Juhlin on How Smart Technology will Affect the Way We Dress

Audio, Interview

‘Digitizing Fashion’ is a Swedish network that is envisioning how the digitalisation of fashion will affect the way in which we dress. They focus particularly on wearable computers, online culture and e-textiles, and ways they can accelerate fashion in Sweden. Oskar Juhlin, a Professor at Stockholm University, is one of the faces behind the project.

In his presentation at the Internet of Things conference in Lund in April, Oskar explained that we are currently experiencing a situation in which “two industries are touching each other”, with those two industries being telecoms and fashion. The question that ‘Digitizing Fashion’ is trying to answer is how can we make these two industries work symbiotically in harmony? How do we span the gap between the two without compromising fashion oriented visual appearance?

The integration of smartphone applications into daily life is growing and it’s here that Oskar sees opportunity. “The next step is fashion connection software”, an area that he believes will provide “lots of things to think about”. In particular, the idea of being able to create a digital representation of the users’ wardrobe was something that captivated him.

I sat with Oskar after his presentation and asked him a few questions about connected clothing and its place in Sweden.